Standard Bank OOH


Standard Bank

RenderBros recently collaborated with Standard Bank, a frontrunner in South Africa's banking sector, to bring visual magic to their campaign spotlighting local spaza shops.  Captured by photographer Travys Owen

Confident woman breaking through a blue barrier surrounded by motivational text obstacles, symbolizing overcoming startup challenges.
Determined woman emerging from a tear in a blue background filled with business challenges and doubts, representing entrepreneurship determination.
Confident man breaking through a vibrant pink background filled with negative business-related messages, symbolizing overcoming challenges and doubts.
Determined man standing firm amidst a colorful backdrop filled with discouraging business-themed remarks, representing resilience and self-belief.
Montage of diverse individuals representing various professions: a woodworker, a car wash operator, an electrician, an artist, a fashion designer, a tattoo artist, and a grocer, all set against a dramatic blue background.